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Arkansas Online Criminal Background Check System Passes Million Mark

One million background checks have been processed through the official State of Arkansas’ Online Criminal Background Check System. This service was launched by the Arkansas State Police in 2004 in accordance with Arkansas law permitting access to certain criminal history information for authorized entities. The site is located at

The Online Criminal Background Check System allows a faster response to the person requesting the check, such as an employer or licensing agency. The system was a collaborative effort between the Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) and Prior to the online system, state background checks took several weeks. With the new background check system, in most cases the state background check response is instantaneous. The system also allows authorized agencies to access FBI fingerprint check results. This has shortened that response time from months to a week or 10 days.

“By running our background checks online we have been able to greatly streamline our hiring process,” said Renee Bearfield, hiring manager at Parkway Health Center, who has used the system for hiring since 2004.

This service is part of a larger effort to make government services more readily available. The system also simplifies billing. They receive one monthly bill versus mailing a check or money order each time they request a background check.

Access is limited to persons/entities with the signed written consent of the subject of the record. National/FBI fingerprint-based background checks are available for persons with specific access authorization to National/FBI record checks under state or federal law. Users must have an account with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) to access this online system. Pricing varies depending on the kind of background check requested.