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The Arkansas Department of Community Correction (DCC) today reports adoption of mobile payment for its supervision, drug court, and restitution fees is increasing. To date approximately six percent of payments are made via a mobile device, and that number continues to rise. Arkansas’s mobile corrections paymentservice was the first DCC secure Smartphone payment option in the nation, and can be found at

“We are very pleased to see an increasing number of users are taking advantage of the mobile payment service. Each month we are seeing an increase in the number of payments from those who are utilizing the convenience of a Smartphone device to pay their fees,” said David B. Eberhard, Director of the Arkansas Department of Community Correction.

In addition to the mobile option, payments may also be made over the phone by calling 1-866-249-4826 or by using a new in-office kiosk payment option that is offered in the Pulaski County Area office located in North Little Rock. Kiosk payments require a $25 minimum payment and a modest convenience fee will be applied. For all payments, users will need their DDC Personal ID or use the search capabilities to locate the number.

All Visa, MasterCard, and Discover mobile transactions are processed through’s secure payment system and available by visiting the state’s website from your Smartphone or the DCC Website. These websites will detect that you are using a mobile phone and deliver the optimized mobile version.