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Arkansas Property Tax Payments Due October 15

Citizens can check for counties that accept online payment options

The statewide personal and real estate property tax payment deadline is October 15. Citizens in 50 Arkansas counties can avoid late fees and long lines by paying their property taxes online or over-the-phone before the deadline. A directory of participating counties and mobile payment sites is available at

“County taxes fund our schools, hospitals, libraries, jails and county government, so it’s important that citizens understand their property taxes directly support their communities,” Pulaski County Treasurer Debra Buckner said. “Pulaski County provides a convenient online property tax payment service through our partnership with the Information Network of Arkansas. We introduced this payment method years ago and it has been extremely helpful in getting tax payments in on time.”

To make a secure payment on a computer or mobile device, taxpayers just need to enter the parcel or tax ID numbers provided on their tax statements, or search by their name or address. The online service provides a payment confirmation and printable receipt.

Buckner says now is a good time to pay taxes online and avoid standing in line the week of October 15. “Our office and tax collector locations around the state typically have lines in the days leading up to the deadline. No matter where you live, it’s so much easier to visit and pay your property taxes in just a few mouse clicks or taps on your phone.”

While paying property taxes online, residents in many counties can also sign up to receive an email notification in March when their annual tax statement is available. Taxpayers who sign up for this new convenience will no longer receive annual tax statements in the mail, but will still get paper statements if their taxes are adjusted throughout the year. Buckner says going paperless is the easiest way for taxpayers to find and pay their tax bill online.