Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Bob Sanders Network General Manager bob@ark.org 501-324-8900
Jennifer Green Product Development Director jennifer.green@ark.org 501-537-9598
Renee Rast Director of Project Management rrast@ark.org 501-324-8914
Devin Davis Project Manager devin.davis@ark.org 501-683-2447
Karl Hills Director of Technology khills@ark.org 501-683-6351
Chris Varn Director of Operations cvarn@ark.org 501-765-8577
Mary Bonner Project Manager mbonner@ark.org 501-683-1633
Amy Rodriguez Project Manager amy.rodriguez@ark.org 501-537-9599
Kendell Jones Project Manager kendell.jones@ark.org 501-324-8908
Ryan O’Connor Director of Creative Services roconnor@ark.org 501-324-8917
Christy Williams Director of Marketing christy.williams@ark.org 501-324-8906
Tyler Young Project Manager tyler.young@ark.org 501-683-6348
Gary Barnett Project Manager gary.barnett@ark.org 501-683-1562